Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

Protecting user privacy is incredibly important to Mitsubishi Materials Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd. (the “Company”). This page describes the Company’s goals in collecting and using the personal information of the users of its website.

Regarding the Collection of Personal Information

The Company collects personal user information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses entered into its surveys or received via inquiries on its website. There may be cases in which the company asks, pending user consent, for personal information other than the above in order to provide services that meet user requests.

Regarding the Goals in Using Personal Information

The personal information contributed by users via this website is used to contact users (in reply to inquiries), to provide products from the Company and information/materials thereon (catalogs, technical materials, direct mailings, etc.), and to analyze marketing statistics.

Further, in cases where, according to the content of the inquiry, we deem it appropriate for Mitsubishi Materials Corporation’s Electronic Materials & Components Company or other agents to which the sale of the Company’s products has been consigned, the Company may provide personal user information to the appropriate company or agent as necessary. The Company advises you to take this into consideration when providing personal information.