Performance materials Guide

We supply fundamental materials which are indispensable to society and new materials with high performance. We continue to satisfy the needs of this new age of high-technology, advanced information, and an environmentally friendly society. We conserve the natural resources and materials, which are a blessing of nature, and aim to build a sustainable society. We promise to contribute to the human race, society, and the earth through our business activities.

ITO: Tin doped Indium Oxide
ATO: Antimony doped Tin Oxide
PTO: Phosphorus doped Tin Oxide
S-2000,SH-1: Tin Oxide

Positioning and application of the products

Products with high or moderate electrical conductivities are used for the purpose of providing electrical conductivity, and those with suitable conductivities for static electricity prevention,anti-static, and charge control purposes. These products can maintain their functions for extended use.