Chemical Properties

(1) Etching Properties by Acid Solutions

The surface of columnar crystal silicon can be easily cleaned via the etching process. This method allows us to manufacture surface-purified columnar crystal silicon. This surface-purified columnar silicon can be applied to many fields which require high purity components. The smooth surface is also obtained thanks to the acid solution etching. The surface conditions are similar to those of single crystal silicon.

Surface Condition after Acid Etching


(2) Durability against Etching Gas

Columnar crystal silicon shows substantially the same plasma etching characteristics as single crystal silicon. In the accelerated test, the etching rates of columnar crystal silicon were equal to the results of single crystal silicon until the 180μm etching. Columnar crystal silicon is widely used as a component of plasma etching equipment.

Plasma Etching Test Results (Etching Gas: CF4)

Plasma Etching Test Results (Etching Gas: SF6)