Titan Black


Titan Black is a new material in the category of titanium oxide type pigment. Its unique properties deliver a variety of physicochemical performance. We developed Titan Black by controlling oxygen content. Titan Black is a pigment with small particle diameter, high hiding power, nonmagnetic properties, and high dispersibility in water and also in organic solvents. We provide two types of pigments: Type M, characterized by its conductivity (adjusting electric charge, etc.) and Type S, characterized by its superior hiding power. We offer an exceptional inorganic pigment of a bluish-black color with an L value of approximately 11 and a specific surface area from 10 to 25m2/g. The average Type S primary particle size is around 60nm (0.06μm), while the average Type M primary particle size is in the range of 80 to 100nm.


  • Light shielding and black matrix (for example liquid crystal displays)
  • Copy machine component materials (charging rolls, electrical charge adjustment fillers)
  • Cosmetics
Titan Black



Products 12S 13M 13M-C UF-8
Characteristics Strong Tinting Power Standard High light-shielding fine particle
Materials Properties (Central value) L value - 11.4 12.5 10.9 9.0
Surface area m2/g 22.5 14.4 18.5 77.0
Volume Resistivity Ω・cm - 2.5 2.0 3.0

optical properties

%T380nm %T580nm %T380nm/%T580nm
13M 46.6 52.77 0.88
UF-8 46.05 43.81 1.05
CB 36.02 46.37 0.78

Antistatic properties

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